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Frequently Asked Questions

Both investment options require a minimum 6 months. This is the best way to guarantee results for your business! After that, services will continue on a month-to-month basis.

  • What happens after the first 6 months?

    After the first 6 months, we then evaluate where we started and where we are now. We will review if there has been an increase in phone calls as according to the guarantee. We will look at the improvements made, what may need to be done to continue moving forward or look into potentially adding additional keywords to our strategy. Perhaps you have ancillary services you would like to push at that time or perhaps even expanding our reach beyond your exact city. We will develop a recommended strategy and then the ball is completely in your court as to if you would like to continue working together. Also, just a quick reminder that as long as you are our client, we will not accept on any other competitor in your city.

  • Will I still be ranked after 6 months?

    I have had past clients who are still ranking in the Investment Option 1 and haven't paid me a dime in 6 months. Whereas I have had others for whom their competition noticed that they were being surpassed and began to take action. Unfortunately in these cases, if you are not completing competitor research, maintaining our strategy and surpassing the competitors efforts, then you will be passed up. Also, just a quick reminder that as long as you are our client, we will not accept any other competitor in your city.

  • I'm not sure about this being a monthly subscription? Is there really that much involved each month? What am I really paying for?

    We have a proprietary systemized and proven process that took years to develop and is being updated almost weekly to keep up with Google changes. The first 3 months is extremely involved while we are getting your business onboarded and is where the majority of that $1,500 cost goes towards. We then work every single month to build upon the progress we are making following our detailed process that we have developed in house.

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